Dr. Charles S. MacKenzie

Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Theology

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Gordon College, B.A.
Princeton Theological Seminary, M.Div., Ph.D.
Princeton University, Th.D.
Grove City College, L.H.D.


Dr. Charles MacKenzie serves as RTS Distinguished Professor of Theology and Philosophy. Dr. Mackenzie previously taught at Columbia University, Princeton and Stanford and served as President and Chancellor of Grove City College for 21 years. As Advisor to the President of RTS, Dr. MacKenzie also shares wisdom from his extensive experience in the church and academia. 

Dr. MacKenzie's research and writing has focused on the life and thought of Blaise Pascal. His third book on the philosopher, Pascal, Apologist for the Twenty-First Century, will soon be published by Oxford University Press. Dr. MacKenzie has also written more than 50 popular and scholarly articles.  

During his tenure in higher education administration, Dr. MacKenzie served as President of the American Association of Presidents of Independent Colleges and Universities and as Secretariat of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. 



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