Prospectus for D.Min. Emphasis in Church Revitalization - RTS-Charlotte

Schedule for First Cohort Group


January 2011
Church Revitalization ("Embers to a Flame" Conference)
Professor: Dr. Harry Reeder
Site: Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL

July 2011
Leadership for Revitalization (Mentoring, Follow-up of Church Revitalization course)
Professors: Dr. Harry Reeder, Rev. Lynn Downing, Joe Weatherly
Site: Seminar at Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL
and on-site visits by coach


January 2012
Preaching for Revitalization
Professors: Dr. Mike Milton, Dr. Mike Ross
Site: RTS-Charlotte

July 2012
D.Min. Project and Research Methodologies – Required course
Professor: Dr. Don Fortson
Site: RTS-Charlotte

January 2013
Directed Study - (Reading Course)
Professor: Dr. Donald Fortson
Site: Non-residential

July 2013
Free Elective

January 2014
Theology of Ministry – Required course
Professor: Dr. Shelton Sanford
Site: RTS-Charlotte

July 2014
Applied theology – Required course
Professor: Dr. Mark Ross
Site: RTS-Charlotte


Research/Writing of D.Min. Project in area related to Church Revitalization

Students will have made significant progress on the D.Min. project at this point in the program. Dr. Fortson will work with students in this final stage as they complete research and writing on the project. When a draft of the whole project is complete, this will be submitted for review during a final oral exam with Drs. Reeder and Fortson.

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