Master Of Arts (Biblical Studies) - Core Curriculum

Atlanta Campus

Theology18 Hours
04ST502Intro to Pastoral and Theological Studies3 Hours
04ST504History and Philosophy of Christian Thought3 Hours
04ST515ST: Scripture, Theology Proper, Anthropology3 Hours
04ST517ST: Christology, Soteriology, Eschatology3 Hours
04ST519ST: Ecclesiology and Sacraments2 Hours
04ST601Covenant Theology2 Hours
04ST530Apologetics2 Hours
Church History8 Hours
04HT502History of Christianity I3 Hours
04HT504History of Christianity II3 Hours
04HT506Church & World2 Hours
Biblical Studies24 Hours
04OT508Genesis - Joshua3 Hours
04OT516Isaiah - Malachi3 Hours
04OT512Poets2 Hours
04OT510Judges - Esther2 Hours
04NT508Gospels3 Hours
04NT516Acts & Romans2 Hours
04NT520Pauline Epistles3 Hours
04NT522Hebrews - Revelation3 Hours
04ON504Advanced Biblical Exegesis3 Hours

The Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) curriculum consists of sixty-six semester hours: fifty hours of core curriculum, eight hours of Bible electives, and eight hours of free electives. For the M.A. (Biblical Studies), at least one complete sequence of a language is required. That is, the student must take Greek I, Greek II, and Greek Exegesis, or take Hebrew I, Hebrew II, and Hebrew Exegesis.

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