Master of Arts in Christian Counseling

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Summer Semester0 Hours
Fall Semester14 Hours
03NT508Gospels3 Hours
03ST502Intro to Theological Studies3 Hours
03OT508Genesis to Joshua3 Hours
03CO736Counseling in the Local Church2 Hours
03CO516Intro to Christian Counseling3 Hours
Winter Semester4 Hours
03NT516Acts/Romans2 Hours
03CO743Theology and Secular Psychology2 Hours
Spring Semester15 Hours
03NT520Pauline Epistles3 Hours
03OT512Poets2 Hours
03ST519ST: Ecclesiology and Sacraments2 Hours
03CO741Counseling Practicum I2 Hours
03CO735Typical Problems in Christian Counseling3 Hours
03CO737Marriage and Family Counseling3 Hours
Summer Semester4 Hours
03CO742Counseling Practicum II2 Hours
03CO730Methods of Biblical Change2 Hours
Fall Semester15 Hours
03ST515ST: Scripture, Theo, Anthropology3 Hours
03ON504Advanced Biblical Exegesis3 Hours
03CO745Counseling Practicum III2 Hours
03OT516Isaiah to Malachi3 Hours
03CO739Human Personality2 Hours
 Free Elective2 Hours
Winter Semester4 Hours
03ST530Apologetics2 Hours
03CO740Counseling and Physiology2 Hours
Spring Semester10 Hours
03NT522Hebrews to Revelation3 Hours
03ST517ST: Christology, Soteriology, Eschatology3 Hours
03OT510Judges-Esther2 Hours
Free Elective2 Hours
  Master of Arts in Christian Counseling
In Addition:
Field Ed Internship (100 hours)
English Bible Exam
Although not ideal, it is possible for a student to take CO742 Practicum II in Fall Year 2 instead of Summer year 2 if there are personal scheduling conflicts. The Director of the MACC program must approve students changing schedule of Practicum II to Fall Year 2. If a student waits to take CO742 Practicum II in the Fall Year 2, they must take CO745 Practicum III in Spring Year 2.

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