Graduate school is a commitment of both time and financial resources, and one obstacle that may appear insurmountable is the total cost of a degree.  If it was insurmountable, of course, we wouldn't have 3,000 current students and 11,000 alumni!  So how do our students afford their seminary education?

We help in a variety of ways, but perhaps the most significant is through private donations made by alumni, churches, or independent Christian brothers and sisters who believe in the purpose and mission of RTS.  Thanks to their generous contributions the actual cost of a credit-hour at RTS is ~3x what a student pays!  This means that even if a student pays the full tuition rate, s/he has theoretically already received a 2/3 scholarship. 

We understand, however, that finances are tight and one's financial ability to pursue coursework is often a thin margin within his or her budget.  With this in mind, we are pleased to not only offer financial aid, but we also allow students to receive financial aid without committing to full-time enrollment status.  Lastly, we offer a payment plan which allows students the ability to pay their tuition over the duration of a semester rather than in one lump sum before the course begins.

We're happy to discuss financial aid options with you during the application process, but please know our Financial Aid Committee does not consider someone for a scholarship until s/he has been accepted.  With this in mind, you're welcome to download our Financial Aid form and review the available options.  For some options, such as the Church Partnership Program, it's helpful to begin discussing this with your church during the application process to help expedite the financial aid process once, Lord willing, you have been accepted. 

We have listed some of the financial aid options below, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at or (770) 952-8884.

Financial Aid Opportunities

Church Partnership


Our most popular partnership is the Church Partnership.  This unique partnership, made between the student and his or her church, can further subsidize your tuition by up to 2/3.  For more information, please read the Church Partnership brochure. The form for your church may be found here Church Partnership Program Form.

Other Partnerships

If you are or were active with a ministry below, our partnerships with these organizations may further subsidize the cost of your tuition:

Reformed University Fellowship
Campus Outreach
Mission to the World

Admissions Scholarships

We understand not all students attend or work for a church with the financial resources to contribute to his or her seminary education or have participated in one of the above partnerships; in these cases students may apply for an Admissions Scholarship.  The scholarship amount is determined by our Financial Aid Committee and is solely dependent upon need. 

Other Aid

It is expected that each student will supplement his or her financial commitment independent of the aid offered him or her by the seminary.  This generally means finding a job, engaging in a part-time internship with a local church, raising support through your network of Christian brothers and sisters, committing to live a responsible lifestyle, or some combination of the above.  Feel free to browse our Jobs page for job listings.

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Whether you're a prospective student, current student, alumnus, donor, or friend of RTS, we would love to hear from you.

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