Church Planting Degree Emphasis

Students considering a call to church planting will take five core and elective courses within the current Master of Divinity curriculum at RTS-Charlotte. The Church Planting Emphasis courses are:

  • 03MS703 Principles of Church Planting – Church planters need the big picture of planting found in Scripture. Principles of Church Planting grounds the planter in Gospel strategies and practical realities in planting healthy and reproducing churches from the first stages to particularization with an emphasis on the ordinary means of grace.
  • 03PT740 Church Planting Leadership (in the place of 03PT512 Leadership) – Church planting requires a measure of entrepreneurial and startup initiative. This class helps planters to understand leadership, their own leadership abilities and liabilities, how to grow in character as a leader and how to develop others as leaders.
  • 03MS704 Evangelism in a Church Planting Context (in the place of 03MS508 Evangelism) – Outreach and evangelism is a crucial piece of starting any church or reaching any new community with the gospel. This class prepares the future planter for missional discernment and engagement, practical strategies for sharing the Gospel personally and creativity in developing a church with an evangelistic heart.
  • 03HT610 Ministry in a Postmodern Context – The purpose of this course is to understand and respond appropriately to the dominant perspectives and cultural transformations that have contributed to our current context of ministry and witness.
  • 03HT612 Christ, Culture and Contextualization – Reaching a community requires discernment and thoughtful reflection about the people. This class interacts with worldview issues planters will face as well as addresses ways the planter must contextualize the gospel without compromising the truth.

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