The Need is Great

Do you know what the largest and most un-churched nations in the world are? We might rightly name China or India or even large swaths of the 10/40 window. Surprisingly, missiologists tell us that the United States is now the 4th largest un-churched nation in the world. Living in a post-Christian, post-modern nation where the mainline church is in decline, it makes sense. Seeing our cities fill with large numbers of immigrants, it makes sense. And with more and more of the younger generations describing their religious affiliation as “none”, it is clear we face a reality where the mission field is not just about getting the Gospel out “over there” in other parts of the world, but now more than ever it’s about preaching Christ “over here” in our back yard. 

The need is great and the opportunity for new mission work is growing exponentially in our American communities and around the world. We need a strategy to reach our neighbors and the nations – a biblical strategy that not only reaches individuals for Christ, but reaches and transforms entire communities with the gospel. We need more church planting. Church Planting is statistically the most effective form of long-term evangelism in a community. It is also the most effective way to change families, towns and to influence large cities with the gospel.  It is God’s ordained way to reach un-churched and de-churched Americans in cities and rural towns. It is God’s ordained way to reach secularized Europe, the Muslim middle-east and the global south. Church planting is a clear biblical way to make a difference in the world as the church.

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