Field Education

Welcome to the Field Education site. Here you can find all the information necessary to get an internship started and make sure your internship will meet the requirements for Field Education. This is a requirement to graduate from RTS-Charlotte with the M.Div. degree.


What is the Field Education Program? What are its goals? This page will answer these questions and give you a picture of what the Field Education program is.


Download this packet to learn more about the process and steps.


Click on this page to learn how to get your internship set up for the Field Education program and the requirements.


Who can be a mentor? What must they do? These questions and more are answered on this page. This page also includes a lecture that mentors must listen to.


All the forms that you and your mentor are required to fill out to get your internship started and completed can be found here.


This page describes the Field Education seminar class that must be taken after you have completed your 400 hours, including the paper details.

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