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Job Hunting in Charlotte During Recession

  1. Places to Begin:

  2. Recommendations
    • Be willing to network with:
      • People from your current church
      • Friends of family members
      • People who know people in Charlotte
      • People from your presbytery or denomination
    • Be willing to look at a temp job:
      • Integra, Venturi, etc.
      • Find companies online
    • Be willing to extend the time of your studies (4 years instead of 3) so you can work more and have less to pay each semester.
    • Be willing to visit Charlotte and go look for jobs in person
      • Do more than just look and apply online
      • Go to specific places where you have an interest in working, show your face, speak with people. This is still the best way to get a job even in this technological age.
    • Be willing to work a job that you don't want to work
      • McDonalds still pays
      • Places like Starbucks, Trader Joe's, Caribou Coffee, etc. offer good benefits even to part-time workers.
      • Look at bookstores like Borders, Barnes and Noble, Joseph-Beth
    • Be willing to work multiple part-time jobs
      • It is not uncommon for seminarians to have 2 or 3 jobs simultaneously. Don't be surprised by it.
  3. Things to keep in mind as you search
    • The Lord is your provider (Matt 6:25-34). Don't freak out.
    • God's call on you to ministry insures that He will provide for you, though it may be different than you expect.
    • You may have to eat less and not have nice things. Again, this is normal for seminary. You will not be rich in seminary. It can be a time to build some humility in lifestyle.
    • Your spouse will probably need to work. It's part of the sacrifice of seminary and if you view it rightly, having a working spouse will actually help unite you both around your call to ministry.
    • You may need to raise support for tuition/living costs. There are some people who love you and want you to be here. Don't be afraid to ask them to help you financially. Let people have the privilege of investing in your ministry preparation.Your financial situation may mean that your plans have to change. You may need to extend your allotment of years for seminary. You may need to commute from a different city, etc. Be willing to do what is necessary to provide for your family during your studies.
    • The Lord is your provider (Matt 6:25-34). Don't freak out.

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