Admissions Staff

Full-Time Staff

 Brian Gault -
 Director of Admissions
 University of Pennsylvania ’92, Economics
 Reformed Theological Seminary MDIV ’99, ThM ‘03
 Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
 Providence Presbyterian Church (PCA)

 Carrye Allen -
 Admissions Coordinator
 University of Mississippi, Master of Social Science
 Millsaps College; University of Mississippi, BA Modern
 Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi
 Redeemer (PCA) / Carthage Presbyterian (PCA)

 Student Staff

 David Irving -
 Admissions Counselor, Campus Visit Coordinator
 MDIV '15
 Dartmouth College '11, History
 Housing: Off-Campus
 Hometown: Manchester, NH
 Raymond Presbyterian Church (PCA)

 Jemar Tisby -
 Admissions Counselor, African American Recruitment and
 Fellowship, Communications Assistant
 MDIV Biblical Exegesis '15
 University of Notre Dame '02, American Studies/Theology
 Housing: RTS Townhomes
 Hometown: Waukegan, IL 
                                                 Redeemer Church, Jackson

 Tiago Oliveira -
 International Admissions Counselor
 MDIV Biblical Exegesis '16
 Housing: RTS Townhomes
 Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal
 Grace Baptist Church

 Jessie Osborn-
 Admissions Counselor, Campus Visit Coordinator, Campus
 Ministry Recruitment
 MFTC Counseling '15
 Oklahoma State University '11, Child and Family Services
 Housing: On-Campus
 Hometown: Tulsa, OK

 David Caminiti -
 Admissions Counselor, Video Specialist
 MFTC Counseling '15
 Biola University '05, Business Administration
 Housing: RTS Townhomes
 Hometown: Port Chester, NY

 Ian Hammond -
 Admissions Counselor, RUF Recruiting & Travel
 MDIV '17
 Mississippi College '13, History
 Housing: On-Campus
 Hometown: Hurley, MS
 Pinehaven Presbyterian Church, Clinton, MS

 Susanne Sturdivant-
 Admissions Counselor
 MFT '16
 Auburn University '13, Hotel & Restaurant Management
 Housing: Off-Campus
 Hometown: Greenwood, MS

 Cyril Chavis, Jr. -
 Admissions Counselor, AALI Recruitment & Travel
 MDIV '17
 University of Virginia '13, Religious Studies
 Housing: On-Campus
 Hometown: Virginia Beach

 Nick Hughes -
 Admissions Counselor, Video Production
 MDIV '18
 Azusa Pacific University '12, Psychology
 Housing: Off-Campus
 Hometown: Southern California

 Mary Kathryn Stewart -
 Admissions Counselor, Inquiry Management,
 Career Fair Coordinator
 MFTC '16
 Mississippi College '12, Psychology
 Housing: Off-Campus
 Hometown: Brandon, MS

 Lindsey Knowlton -
 Admissions Counselor, Application Management, email
 MFTC '16
 Birmingham-Southern College '13, Biology/Psychology
 Housing: On-Campus
 Hometown: Atlanta, GA

 Bentley Crawford
 MDIV Biblical Exegesis '17
 University of Mississippi '07, Accountancy
 Housing: RTS Townhomes
 Hometown: Meridian, MS
 Redeemer Church, Jackson

 Rachael Garner -
 Admissions Counselor, Media Manager
 MA/MFTC '17
 Mercer University '11, Political Theory/Literature
 Housing: Off-Campus
 Hometown: Atlanta, GA