Church History

Andrew Hoffecker

Historical courses are indispensable to seminary training because of their synthetic character. They not only connect us with the past, they illuminate the present and prepare us for the future. Rather than a static discipline, as it is often portrayed, history provides important contexts for understanding the faith we seek to communicate. Courses shed light on the theological and biblical studies by introducing us to the most fascinating people, movements, and institutions that have shaped not only the Church but civilization itself. Controversy, intrigue, and struggle as well as missions, devotion, and ministry – these are the stuff of Church History. Martyrs, whose blood proved to be the seed of the Church, as well as theologians, apologists, and reformers – all emerge at key times to provide powerful leadership. Their writing and examples for living still satisfy the deepest needs of postmoderns. Church History – a study to stimulate though, action, and ministry.

Old Testament
Miles Van Pelt
Dan Timmer

New Testament
Dennis Ireland
Guy Waters

Systematic Theology
Derek W.H. Thomas
J. Ligon Duncan

Church History
Andrew Hoffecker

Jim Hurley
Elias Medeiros
Philosophy & Apologetics
Bruce Baugus

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