MFTC Career Testimonials


Dr. Katherine Blackney, PhD

President of Katherine Blackney, PLLC Private Practice
Adjunct Professor, Harding School of Theology
Guest Lecturer, RTS Jackson
PhD, University of Memphis; MA MFT, RTS Jackson

"My time at RTS was life-changing. What I thought (about enrolling in a masters program) was going to equip me to secure employment, really equipped me to live authentically, biblically, and vulnerably. I learned how to feel and express compassion. I learned how to reflect a relationship of trust, honest, respect, and humility. I learned how to be Christ's hands and feet as I serve Him in loving others. I am forever changed because of my time at RTS, because of the care of my professors, the knowledge learned in my courses, and the environment to grow."

Laurel Boyd, LPC, LMFT
Contract Therapist, Summit Counseling
MA MFT, RTS Jackson

"RTS is the full package! I entered my time there knowing basically nothing about the field of marriage and family therapy.  I actually had some misconceived notions working against me.  During my intensive 24 months there, I was transformed as a person.  The concentrated and thorough program immersed me in the world of counseling with professors that are extremely committed to making sure the students succeed and with peers learning alongside me that became like family.  When I finished, I was prepared to immediately start practicing counseling and begin my career.  RTS was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!"

Dr. John L. Cox, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist, Live Oak Psychological Associates

"My years at RTS were foundational for me.  I attended RTS with the purpose of grounding myself philosophically and theologically before beginning my doctoral work in Los Angeles.  Therefore, though my degree was in marriage and family, I took far more hours in English Bible, Systematic Theology, Biblical Studies, Philosophy, and Apologetics.  These were what provided the grounding that I sought. That foundation has allowed me to think outside the box (while still staying in the box) with confidence that I was remaining true to our Faith, and yet creatively exploring the needs of the individuals and groups that I have ministered to in the 25 years I've been in practice."

Dr. David Foster
VP Senior Advisor, Palmer Home for Children
DMin, Columbia International University; MA Counseling Psychology, Wheaton College
MA MFT, RTS Jackson; MABS, Dallas Theological Seminary

"I was in the first MFT class held on the RTS campus. The training I received there set my feet on solid theological and psychological ground. It prepared me for a career in both the ministry and counseling arenas. It also whet my appetite for further training. The excellent mentoring I gained at RTS equipped me to provide spiritual and therapeutic care to thousands of individuals, families, missionaries, and disaster victims worldwide. I was fortunate to be named by professional colleagues as MAMFT Therapist of the Year on two occasions and received an Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Marriage and Family Therapy Award on another occasion. I have hired and trained over 100 former RTS MFT grads and launched them into their careers. I couldn’t have done any of this without the outstanding training I gained at RTS. I am extremely grateful for it.

Katie Sahler, LPC, LMFT
Watershed Counseling Associates, PLLC
MA MFT, RTS Jackson

"RTS broadened my view of the Lord and the way in which I view the world; I was challenged to step out of my box and view things more holistically. Seeing God work in my life and those around me had a huge impact for my role as a counselor. I began to grow more in my understanding of the Lord through his Word and my heart grew fonder of him. As I saw that, I realized the great opportunity I have as a counselor to serve my clients in a rich way through both sharing truth and also helping them to experience the Lord through modeling his characteristics."

Brenna Weaver
Children's Therapist, Palmer Home for Children
MA MFT, RTS Jackson

"The MFT faculty and staff mirror beautifully the relational aspect of our Heavenly Father. People, though broken and bruised, are relational beings created in the image of God; they deserve to be treated with dignity, even if they are acting a bit prickly.  Learning to come along side another person in his or her time of need without asserting my own agenda has been an invaluable experience."

Dr. Jeffrey White, PhD.

Pastor of Counseling, Park Cities Presbyterian Church
PhD, Drexel University; MDIV, RTS Jackson; MA MFT, RTS Jackson

"My training at RTS not only helped me develop a comprehensive vision for counseling in the church and in the world but also prepared me to respond to family and individual problems with biblical wisdom and with clinical precision. A wise and comprehensive response to family and individual problems requires a biblical framework for assessing and diagnosing such problems. The MFT curriculum provided the necessary biblical framework. What makes the MFT program unique is that it trains the student to go beyond basic diagnosis and to understand how problems work in families and individuals so that effective intervention can be implemented and change can be realized."


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