Campus Shelters

Severe Weather Information

During the fall, as storm fronts come through or if a hurricane penetrates far enough North from the Gulf of Mexico, we need to be aware of tornadoes.  If the National Weather Service issues a Tornado Watch, it means that conditions are right for a tornado.  If the National Weather Service issues a Tornado Warning, it means that a tornado or funnel cloud has been spotted.  If you are on campus under a Tornado Warning for Hinds County, seek refuge in the following locations.

Administration Building:  Accounting vault
Dean Center:  Racquetball court
Student Center:  Men’s/Ladies bathroom or conference room
Biblical Studies:  Men’s bathroom\kitchen area or the faculty lounge
Bookstore:  Stockroom
Chapel:  Hallway restrooms
MFT:  Computer room
Library:  Computer room or back classroom.

Please make sure that these rooms are unlocked and have flashlights stored in them.  If you have a cell phone or radio, you might want to make it available.