Student Resources: Financial

    -Tuition and Fees - Tuition and fees are subject to change each fiscal year.  RTS's fiscal year is from June 1 to May 31 so that it corresponds with the academic calendar.  This site lists current tuition and fees for this fiscal year.
    - Financial Overview- This site gives the big picture of finances in seminary: Financial Aid, Work, Raising Support, and Other Aid.
    - Financial Aid Application - Financial aid consists of Grants and Partnerships and are awarded as a percentage of tuition.  Grants are for full-time students and are based on need.  Partnerships are based on a student's involvement with partnering organizations.  Students are awarded the Grant or Scholarship that provides the greatest financial benefit.  Returning students need to apply for financial aid for each fiscal year (beginning June 1) and Applications are due March 1.  New Students may apply after they have been accepted as a student for several rounds of review.
    - Student Insurance Options - Students taking 12 or more hours are required to demonstrate proof of health insurance.  Here are ways for you to meet that requirement. 

Loans - In November 2008, due to the economic crisis which hit the loan market especially hard, the companies that had offered private loans to RTS students ceased offering loan options to our students.  Since RTS does not accept federal funding, the only remaining opportunity for private loans would be through your local bank.  RTS is searching for other loan options for our students.  When they become available we will change this web page.  For more information, contact our Admissions office at

Debt - Very few students take out debt for seminary, and we don't encourage doing so. However, if you have educational debt and are interested in what going to RTS with debt would look like, here is a helpful resource as you plan financially for seminary to incorporate your student debt.