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It's hard to get an idea of what a school is really like without visiting. All the practical details seem great, but what about the students? Until you're able to come see us here in Jackson, we hope this video gives you a small taste of who our students are.


Why RTS Jackson?

What makes our campus distinct? Our students share some of the reasons they chose to study at RTS Jackson.


Community Life

What makes the community special at RTS Jackson? Students share their experiences on our campus.


God's Provision

"How has God provided for you while in seminary?" The answers to this question are quite varied, testifying to the grace and power of our sovereign God.


 Hear from the Graduates

 "How did you enjoy your time at RTS Jackson?" Hear from a married couple on the beneficial elements of seminary life.

Betsy Bowers
MFTC '12/MA '13 Dual Degree
Berry College, 2010; Psychology
From Columbia, Tennessee

“As I’ve started clinic working with clients, it’s been a very soul-baring experience. It’s brought me to a different understanding of myself and how God works in the brokenness of his people and how he uses those things to revive people and breathe life into them. And it’s been very humbling and expansive in my view of him and other people.”
Andy Ew
MDIV Missions '10
Help University College '02, Business Management
From Malaysia

"I have come to appreciate God so much more through learning Hebrew and Greek, and studying the biblical languages truly enhances our understanding of the Bible. I desire to serve God in other countries, and I believe RTS has given me tremendous cultural experiences, through the classes in the missions department and also through conversations with other believers from different parts of the world."
Lindsay Fikkert
MFTC '03/MABS '05 Dual Degree 
University of Virginia '99, Religious Studies
Psy.D. Wheaton College '12
From Roanoke, Virginia

“The MFTC program provided me with integration training that was both theologically rich and clinically robust.  This training also occurred in the context of meaningful relationships with professors, staff, and fellow students.”
Stephanie Hathorn
MFTC '12
William Carey University '03, Psychology
From Mount Olive, Mississippi

The faculty take time to invest in our lives—not only who we are as students, but who we are period. They ask about our lives, our struggles, our needs.  They not only fill the role of professor but they come alongside you as a fellow brother or sister in Christ who truly cares about you and wants to help you grow."
Ben Kappers
MDIV '11
Northwestern College '07, Political Science
From Hingham, Wisconsin

“One of the best things RTS Jackson affords their MDIV students is the opportunity to preach on the circuit.  I preached almost 100 times in 27 different churches in Mississippi.”
Mattheus Santos
MDIV '14
Universidad de Brasil '08, Advertising and Social Communication
From Brasilia, Brazil

“When I left Brazil, I left home. I left my friends, church, and family behind, and I thought it would be difficult to make new friends in America.  But it wasn’t; the beautiful thing about RTS is that here you have a family of worshipers that serves as a picture of the body of Christ who embraces and welcomes us in such a special way. Here we found a taste of our heavenly family.”
Tom Von Stroh
MFTC '13/MDIV '15 Dual Degree
Wichita State University '02, Accounting
From Wichita, Kansas

"Not only are the faculty world class theologians, giving us the very best scholarship and theological training available, but they do it with a pastor’s heart and they never forget that the whole point of all of this is the glory of Christ’s Church."
Jemar Tisby
MDIV '13
University of Notre Dame, '02, American Studies/Theology
From Waukegan, Illinois

“I chose RTS Jackson, in part, because of what God is doing in this city. Through Redeemer Church and ministries like RUF at Jackson State University and Mission Mississippi, you can see God redeeming the painful history of racial injustice in the South and bringing about Gospel healing and reconciliation in the body of Christ.”
Brandon Waits
MFTC '11
Auburn University '09, Psychology
From Niceville, Florida

“The MFTC program fosters a strong sense of family among students and professors. This decidedly personal context has shaped my skills as a counselor as I minister to the broken-hearted in our clinic.”

From The Cutting Room Floor

... and now you can see what we're really like. Even the best of us have our moments!


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