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Between justification and glorification is what theologians call sanctification - the journey of every believer to become more like Christ. Whether through preaching, counseling, worshipping, teaching, small groups, or prayer, the task of Christian leaders is to apply Scripture to the lives of believers for growth in grace. So Christian leaders must be walking in the shadow of the cross, fully devoted to their King - broken, humbled, and transformed by grace. How you learn will determine how you lead.

Student life here at RTS Jackson consists of a community driven by our academic philosophy of knowing, being and doing. We believe that shaping character is important, recognizing that a true knowledge of Scripture will be lived out in our actions on the basis of who we are. A right understanding of Reformed theology leads to a bold-yet-humble servant with a heart for nurturing the church.

The structure of the community at RTS is designed to keep the head and the heart in line. Once a week students and professors come together to worship the triune God in chapel, singing and praising the one who has graciously revealed the mystery of his gospel. Students meet with their faculty advisor weekly to pray together in a mentoring-like environment.

With a deep love for the Church, RTS faculty and staff have come to help shape the character of those who study under them, together pressing towards knowing God and being known by Him in order that the Bride of Christ might be matured and the Kingdom built. Their passion for giving others a deep taste of God is evident not only in the classroom but also in mentoring relationships with students. Weekly prayer groups with advisees provide a natural time of interaction which is essential as we shape the servant-leaders of the next generation. The numerous hours spent in the classroom are times of personal, spiritual development where wise, godly men disciple as well as teach. The reward of time well spent in deep study of God's Word is so much greater when the teacher's character presents a living picture of Christ.

The end result is a sincere Christian ministry from a heart dedicated to the Lord. We are not just preparing leaders who powerfully proclaim God's Word, we are preparing people of integrity who strive to live out God's truth before a watching world. A thoughtful education in the mind of a dependent servant will result in authentic Christian ministry and a heart for the lost. Please pray with us that God will use RTS to send out broken servants who live and teach the sound doctrine of grace.

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