Area of Emphasis

Students who select an emphasis area in the Master of Divinity degree program should adjust to the core curriculum as indicated below. The emphasis will be listed on the student’s transcript but will not be designated on the student’s diploma.

M.Div. Counseling

  • 02PSY592 Addictions (3 hrs). Replaces electives (3 hrs). This course covers current information about the addictive processes associated with chemical dependencies and other addictions, as well as assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and intervention within individual and family systems frameworks. Issues related to addictions, such as family dynamics, structure, roles, and codependency are explored.

  • 02PSY560 Theory & Practice of Counseling & Psychotherapy (3 hrs). Replaces electives (3 hrs). This course surveys primary current theoretical approaches to psychotherapy and demonstrates how theory relates to the practice of Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy. The historical components of these theories are examined for their continuing impact on the delivery of mental health services.

  • 02PSY630 Psychology in Relation to Theology I (1hr). Replaces HT508 Classics of Personal Devotion (1 hr). This course will explore psychotherapeutic issues in light of the Christian story revealed in the Old and New Testaments. The effort will be to help students connect the individual/human story to God's Story, and to build a storied approach to Scripture into the student's world view.

  • 02PSY573 Sexuality & Sex Therapy (3 hrs). Replaces CE514 Educational Ministry of the Church (2 hrs) plus elective (1 hr). An analysis of human sexuality, attitudes toward sex, and sexual behavior in the light of contemporary and biblical norms, followed by a study of contemporary approaches to sex therapy, with particular attention to the relation of systematic and behavioral aspects of sexuality.

  • 02PSY570 Couples Counseling (3 hrs). Replaces electives (3 hrs). This course examines the nature and proper functioning of marriage, gender issues in couple relationships, and common couple patterns and problems. Approaches to pre- and re-marital and marital counseling are examined. Assessment and treatment strategies in clinical work with couples are addressed.

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