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11/17/2015 Rev. Corey Gray Thanksgiving 
11/10/2015 Rev. Matt Roberts The Delay
11/03/2015 Rev. Walt Nilsson Grace Observed 
10/27/2015 Rev. David Hanke Gentleness 
10/20/2015Rev. Daniel Clifford   The Pattern of Love
10/13/2015 Rev. David Silvernail The Private Nature of the Kingdom 
9/29/2015 Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins 
9/22/2015 Dr. Howard GriffithPleasing God 
9/15/2015 Mr. Geoff Sackett  Exalted Christ, Our Savior 
5/5/2015   Mr. Geoff Sackett Fatherly Discipline 
4/28/2015 Rev. Matt Klingler     Co-Laboring
4/21/2015 Dr. Peter Lee I will Awake the Dawn
4/14/2015 Dr. Howard Griffith In Christ 
4/7/2015   Rev. Casey Bedell   The Eschatology of Adoption 
3/31/2015Rev. Matt BowlesThe Son of Man and Biblical Hospitality
3/10/2015Dr. Chad Van Dixhoorn Co-Heirs of Grace
3/3/2015Rev. Joel St. ClairQuestions and Answers
2/24/2015 Rev. Irwyn InceThey Don’t Die, They Multiply
2/10/2015Dr. Scott ReddThe Useful Crop


12/09/2014Rev. Stephen Fix God is a Consuming Fire 
12/02/2014Rev. Stephen Coleman Jesus' Prayer, Luke 22:31-34
11/18/2018Dr. Chad Van DixhoornThat Dark Hour
11/4/2014 Dr. David SilvernailThe Deity of Christ
10/28/2014Rev. Dennis BullockGuarding the Gospel
10/21/2014Rev. Gordon DuncanWhat I Swore I Would Never Do
10/14/2014 Rev. Julian "Skip" DusenburyThe Preeminence of Christ 
9/30/2014 Rev. Paul Wolfe Do You Believe? 
9/23/2014 Dr. Howard GriffithReconciled By Blood
9/16/2014 Mr. Geoff SackettGod’s Words: Rule of Life, Delight of the Heart
9/9/2014 Dr. Chad Van DixhoornPsalm 20: A Psalm to Help us Pray
4/23/2014 Robin Boisvert Reflections on Christian Leadership
4/2/2014 Butch Hardman Dressing the Way God Wants 
3/19/2014 Terence Little Necessary Reminders 
3/12/2014 Dave O'Connell One Thing 
3/5/2014 Dr. Peter Lee The Portrait of the Godly Believer
2/26/2014Bob Drews All Things to All People 
2/19/2014 Geoff Sackett Suffering Song and Savior 
2/12/2014Dr. Scott ReddFrom Adversaries to Ambassadors


11/7/2013 Rev. Nicholas LubelfeldGenesis 2:18-25
10/31/2013 Dr. David SilvernailMatthew 8:23-27  
10/24/2013 Rev. Craig Coulbourne Matthew 9:35-38
10/3/2013 Dr. Peter Lee2 Timothy 3:14-15  
9/26/2013Rev. Philip ProctorProverbs 1  
9/19/2013Mr. Baruch MaozEphesians 1
9/12/2013Geoff Sackett Hebrews 10:1-10  
5/13/2013Aaron AndersonThe Battle For Hope
5/7/2013Abraham NuquayHumility In Suffering
4/29/2013Geoff SackettWalks Contrasted
4/23/2013Dr. Peter LeeThings Are Not As They Appear
4/15/2013 Sherman IsbellSowing and Reaping 
4/1/2013Dr. Peter LeeAnthology of Life
3/4/2013Geoff SackettGod's Great Love for His People
2/26/2013Blair SmithA God Sized Gospel
2/18/2013Irwyn InceThe Rhythm of Conflict
2/12/2013Randy LovelaceRefuse and Revelation
2/4/2013Dr. Howard GriffithLove Your Enemies

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