RTS Church History Tour England, Scotland and France

Join RTS for a nine-day visit to England and Scotland with an optional five-day extension to the most important sites in France.  There are five emphases on this tour:  

  1. A general introduction to the countries including their culture and language differences
  2. A historical perspective on the Reformation and how the Kings and Queens impacted it
  3. The impact of the Reformation on the formation of our United States
  4. How the English Bible was developed
  5. Important historical figures who played leading roles in the development of many denominations that are a part of the religious life of the United States

This March 2019 tour marks the seventh time that your hosts, Dr. Don Fortson, Professor of Church History at RTS Charlotte and Luther Bigby, retired Vice President for Administration, have planned and conducted this tour. We plan them to maximize what you will see and learn without wearing you out.  Prior to visiting most sites, you will be briefed enroute or read written materials. In a number of locations, we have local guides to provide additional information.

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