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Theological Education - The Role of the West in Missions

Mike Pettengill - 10/7/2015

The explosion of evangelical Christianity in the Global South in the past century is well documented. In 1900, about 71 percent of Christians in the world lived in Europe. By 2000, that number shrank to 28 percent. Today, 43 percent of the world’s Christians live in Latin America and Africa.... (Read More)

Humble Evangelism: More Sharing, Less Persuading [External Link]

Wes Simmons - 10/7/2015

Missionaries Should Communicate---and Churches Should Demand It [External Link]

Mike Pettengill - 2/27/2013

Send Me Your Short-Term Missionaries [External Link]

Mike Pettengill - 2/27/2013

We Are All Missionaries [External Link]

Mike Pettengill - 2/27/2013

The Good Book [External Link]

Dr. Raymond A. Craig - 2/4/2013