Featured Books For Alumni

The Speechwriter

Author: Barton Swaim
ISBN: 1476769923
ISBN-13: 9781476769929
Published: 7/14/2015

An intimate and hilarious look inside the spin room of the modern politician: a place where ideals are crushed, English is mangled, people are humiliated, and the opportunity for humor is everywhere.

Everyone knows this kind of politician: a charismatic maverick who goes up against the system and its ways, but thinks he doesn’t have to live by the rules. Through his own experience as the speechwriter for a controversial governor, Barton Swaim tells the story of a band of believers who attach themselves to this sort of ambitious narcissist—and what happens when it all comes crashing down.

The Speechwriter is a funny and candid introduction to the world of politics, where press statements are purposefully nonsensical, grammatical errors are intentional, and better copy means more words. Swaim paints a portrait of a man so principled he’d rather sweat than use state money to pay for air conditioning, so oblivious he’d wear the same stained shirt for two weeks, so egotistical he’d belittle his staffers to make himself feel better, and so self-absorbed he never once apologized to his staff for making his administration the laughing stock of the country. On the surface, this is the story of one politician’s rise and fall. But in the end, it’s a story about us—the very real people who want to believe in our leaders and must learn to survive with broken hearts.

Rid of My Disgrace: Small Group Discussion Guide

Author: Justin and Lindsey Holcomb
ISBN: 1942572107
ISBN-13: 9781942572107
Published: 4/17/2015

Designed to be used with Rid of My Disgrace (book), the small group discussion guide walks victims of sexual abuse along a biblical path of restoration, helping them to finally be rid of their disgrace.

Apologetics: A Justification of Christian Belief

Author: John Frame
ISBN: 1596389389
ISBN-13: 9781596389380
Published: 6/30/2015

Two subjects of particular note are Frame’s fresh look at probability arguments and a stimulating investigation into the problem of evil.

Some of the most valuable elements of this book are Frame’s extensive use of Scripture and his presentation of specific lines of argument.