The faculty and staff of Reformed Theological Seminary are integral to the quality and success of the educational experience and programs we offer. We are indeed blessed by God to have such a diverse and devoted team dedicated to providing students with the best.

Dr. Anderson Dr. James N. Anderson Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy » Theology and Philosophy | Faculty | Charlotte » Academic Dean | Faculty | Global Education » Academic Dean | Faculty | New York City 704-688-4228

Dr. Dick Belcher Dr. Richard P. Belcher, Jr. John D. and Frances M. Gwin Professor of Old Testament, Academic Dean » Old Testament | Faculty | Charlotte » Academic Dean | Staff | Charlotte » Old Testament | Guest Faculty | Dallas » Old Testament | Guest Faculty | Houston 704-688-4226

Dr. Cara Dr. Robert J. Cara Hugh and Sallie Reaves Professor of New Testament and Provost and Chief Academic Officer » New Testament | Faculty | Charlotte » Chief Academic Officer | Cabinet | Institutional » New Testament | Guest Faculty | Dallas 704-688-4222

Rod Dr. Rodney A. Culbertson Jr. Associate Professor of Practical Theology
Dean of Student Development
» Practical Theology | Faculty | Charlotte » Student Services | Staff | Charlotte 704-688-4227

Dr. Currid Dr. John D. Currid Carl W. McMurray Professor of Old Testament » Old Testament | Faculty | Charlotte 704-688-4225

Rev. DeYoung Rev. Kevin L. DeYoung Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology » Theology and Philosophy | Faculty | Charlotte  

Dr. Fortson Dr. Donald Fortson Professor of Church History and Practical Theology, Director, Doctor of Ministry Program » Church History | Faculty | Charlotte 704-688-4219

Dr. Kelly Dr. Douglas F. Kelly (Emeritus) Professor of Theology Emeritus » Theology and Philosophy | Faculty | Charlotte  

Dr. Kruger Dr. Michael J. Kruger President and Samuel C. Patterson Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity » Campus President | Cabinet | Charlotte » New Testament | Faculty | Charlotte » Campus President | Staff | Charlotte 704-688-4233

Ken Rev. Kenneth J. McMullen Associate Professor of Theological Bibliography and Research, Library Director » Library | Staff | Charlotte » Practical Theology | Faculty | Charlotte 704-688-4229

Dr. Newheiser Dr. James Newheiser, Jr. Associate Professor of Christian Counseling and Practical Theology » Practical Theology | Faculty | Charlotte » Administration | Faculty | Charlotte » Counseling | Faculty | Charlotte  

Dr. Oliver Dr. John W. P. Oliver (Emeritus) Professor of Homiletics and Practical Theology Emeritus » Practical Theology | Faculty | Charlotte  

Rev. Smith Rev. D. Blair Smith Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology » Theology and Philosophy | Faculty | Charlotte 704-688-4223