Dr. Allen Curry (Emeritus)

Professor Emeritus of Christian Education

» Practical Theology | Faculty | Jackson
Geneva College, B.A.
Westminster Theological Seminary, M.Div.
Temple University, Ed.M., Ed.D.


Dr. Allen Curry became recognized as an able Christian educator and gifted administrator through his many years of service for Great Commission Publications. As the Director of Educational Services and Coordinator of Production he wrote educational materials and conducted hundreds of training seminars for teachers. He has continued to serve as a consultant. Prior to his work in publishing Dr. Curry served as a pastor for three years. He is the author of The God We Love and Serve and articles on various subjects. For a number of years he served as Vice President for Academic Affairs at RTS and as Academic Dean of the Jackson campus. 

Listen to Spring 2006 Chapel Messages by Dr. Curry.  

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