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Registration for Winter courses opens November 1.

Introduction to Biblical Theology
Dr. D.A. Carson
January 5-9

A survey of biblical theology, including debated methodological issues during the last two centuries. Emphasis on the Bible's story-line examining how the books and corpora of the Bible contribute to the unfolding history of redemption.
Communications 1
Dr. Steve Lawson
January 19-22

This course addresses total communication for pastors with an emphasis on preaching philosophy and style, textual exposition, and sermon structure.
Theology of Ministry 1 (Hybrid)
Dr. Michael Glodo
January 12-15

This is a HYBRID COURSE that will incorporate e-learning components for nine weeks prior to the on-campus class dates. The historical development and biblical principles of management theory and leadership style are examined. 
The 2015 RTSO Winter Session is offering 13 courses. Find the full winter course list on the Upcoming Classes Page.  

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