RTS Administration

J. Ligon Duncan, III
Chancellor & CEO
Tel: 601-923-1600
Email: lduncan@rts.edu
Twitter: @LigonDuncan
Robert J. Cara
Provost and Chief Academic Officer
Tel: 704-366-5066
Email: rcara@rts.edu
E. Bradley Tisdale
Chief Operations and Financial Officer
Tel: 601-923-1600
Email: btisdale@rts.edu
Twitter: @BradTis
Polly Stone
Chief Institutional Assessment Officer
Tel: 704-366-5066
Email: pstone@rts.edu
Twitter: @PMCStone
Michael J. Kruger
President, Charlotte Campus
Tel: 704-366-5066
Email: mkruger@rts.edu
Twitter: @MichaelJKruger
Scott Redd, Jr.
President, Washington Campus
Tel: 703-448-3393
Email: sredd@rts.edu
Twitter: @Scott_Redd
Guy Richardson
President, Jackson Campus
Tel: 601-923-1600
Email: grichardson@rts.edu
John Sowell
President, Atlanta Campus
Tel: 404-995-8484
Email: jsowell@rts.edu
Steve Wallace
Director, RTS New York City
Assistant Board Secretary for the Chancellor
Tel: 704-688-4214
Email: swallace@rts.edu
Robert C. "Ric" Cannada, Jr.
Chancellor Emeritus
Tel: 601-923-1600 
Email: rcannada@rts.edu
Tim McKeown
Executive Director
Houston, TX Extension Campus
Tel: 823-377-1675
Email: tmckeown@rts.edu
Mike Copening
Director of Institutional Technology
Tel: 407-366-9493
Email: mcopening@rts.edu
Twitter: @MikeCopening
Kevin Collins
Director of Enrollment Management
Assistant Director of DMin Program
Tel: 407-278-8824
Email: kcollins@rts.edu
Twitter: @RevKevCollins
David John
Executive Director of Distance Education
Tel: 704-366-4853 ext. 4287
Email: djohn@rts.edu
Richard Belcher
Academic Dean
Charlotte Campus
Tel: 704-366-5066
Email: rbelcher@rts.edu
Howard Griffith
Academic Dean
Washington Campus
Tel: 703-448-3393
Email: hgriffith@rts.edu
Scott Swain
Academic Dean
Orlando Campus
Tel: 407-366-9493
Email: sswain@rts.edu
Twitter: @ScottRSwain
Miles Van Pelt
Academic Dean
Jackson Campus
Tel: 601-923-1600
Email: mvanpelt@rts.edu
James Anderson
Academic Dean
Global Education and New York City
Tel: 704-688-4228
Email: janderson@rts.edu
Twitter: @Proginosko

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