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Wednesdays  |  12:00n - 1:00p  |  Fellowship Hall

Join us for an informal Q&A session with President Don Sweeting interviewing ministry leaders, pastors, missionaries and theologians. RSVP to Kim Sutter:

So guess whose been at RTS Orlando?   Here are some of our previous President’s Forums: 

Guests for 2015-16         
David Mathis (How to Stay Christian in Seminary), Harry Reeder (revitalizing Your Church), Ken Sande (The Church Needs Relational Wisdom), Todd Billings (Rejoicing in Lament), Christina Walker and Tomas Lares (Human Trafficking: The Unseen Epidemic), David Swanson and Andrae Bailey (A Christian Response to Homelessness), Ed Stetzer (The State of Pastors in America and the Challenge of Pastoring in  Polarized Culture).
Guests for 2014-15          
Kelly Kapic (Doing Theology as Human Creatures), Chuck Hill (How God Became Jesus), Ligon Duncan (Challenges and Opportunities for Christian Ministry and Calling), Kevin Twit (The New Hymns Movement and Indelible Grace), George Marsden (The Twilight of the American Enlightenment), D.A. Carson (The Intolerance of Tolerance), Michael Allen (Getting to Know Michael Allen—new faculty member), Nancy Guthrie (Making Sense of God’s Sovereignty in the Midst of Grief).
Guests for 2013-14          
Luder Whitlock (Reflections from the Founder of RTS’s Orlando Campus), Justin Holcomb (Dealing with Sexual Abuse in the Church), Zac Hicks (The Worship Pastor: A New/Old Approach for Worship Leaders, (Randy Pope (Insourcing: Bringing Discipleship Back to the Local Church), John Frame (His Systematic Theology: A Lifetime Achievement), Tim Tennent (Trends in Global Christianity), Jim Belcher (In Search of Deep Faith).
Guests for 2012-13          
Bob Creson and Russ Herman (Bible Translation and Muslim Cultures), Scott Redd, Jr., (Statism), Ed Fischer and Gus Davies (Africa and Global Christianity),  Cameron Strang (Reaching 30 Somethings), Anthony Carter (Being Black and Reformed), Sharon Hersh (New Addictions: Gaming and Technology), Michael Goheen (The Church and Religious Pluralism: Living Faithfully Amidst the World Religions), Ed Stetzer (Subversive Kingdom)
Guests for 2011-12          
Chan Kilgore (Pastoring a Church while in Seminary), David Outing (Ministry to the Marginalized of Society), Vice Admiral Scott Redd Senior  (Faith, Ministry and the Government), Greg Livingstone (Ministry to the Muslim World), Ray Cortese (Grace-Based Leadership), Richard Pratt (is the West Hoarding Its Theology?), Mike Beates and Laura Lee Wright (Disability and the Gospel), Steve Brown (Radical Grace), Michael Card (Christ and Creativity), Steve Douglas(Opportunities and Challenges of Fuifilling the Great Commission).

If you can't attend, don't worry; all forums are video recorded. Links can be found at the bottom of the page.

Spring 2016 President's Forum Guests

Wednesday, February 17 - "The Unseen Epidemic: The Reality of Human Trafficking"
with Christina Walker, Executive Director of Samaritan Village & Tomas J. Lares, Executive Director of Florida Abolitionist, Inc.

One out of every 236 people in the world is trapped in modern day slavery. Listen as Dr. Sweeting discusses the "Unseen Epidemic."

Lunch RSVP to Kim Sutter:

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Wednesday, April 20 - "A Christian Response to Homelessness"
with Dr. David D. Swanson , Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, & Andrae Bailey, President and CEO of Central Florida Commission on Homelessness.

Lunch RSVP to Kim Sutter:

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Wednesday, April 27 - "The State of Pastors in America and the Challenge of Pastoring in a Polarized Culture"
with Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of Lifeway Research and Lead Pastor of Grace Church in Hendersonville, TN. 

Lunch RSVP to Kim Sutter:

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