Master Of Arts (Biblical Studies) - Core Curriculum

Houston Campus

This 2-year, 66-semester hour Master of Arts program at RTS Houston is designed to biblically equip you, enhance your ability to think biblically in all your callings, and prepare you for more effective service. The spiritual formation that takes place here involves a robust combination of classroom training and rich student community. We aim for both scholarly excellence and practical application as we seek to apply the gospel and God’s truth to all areas of life and creation. In our programs, Christ is central. The Bible is foundational. The Gospel is prominent. Both are anchored in the Reformed tradition. We are gladly Reformed, and we eagerly affirm the community of all believers, listening to the best that other traditions have to offer.

We earnestly desire to build a biblical and theological foundation that will enable you to serve Christ wherever he calls you to follow. We want your training to be rooted and relevant as we make Christ’s invisible kingdom visible in this generation.

Our MABS is designed to be flexible with weekend and night courses, so that you can complete the degree at your own pace. You can start the program at any time. For the MABS, one language sequence is required: Greek I, Greek II, and Greek Exegesis. In order to graduate from the Houston campus with a Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) degree, you must complete at least 51% or 34 of your degree hours at the Houston campus. This degree can be completed in 2 years or more.

Systematic Theology18 Hours
05ST504History of Philosophy & Christian Thought3 Hours
05ST508Systematic Theology I3 Hours
05ST514Systematic Theology II3 Hours
05ST520Systematic Theology III2 Hours
05ST502Intro to Pastoral and Theological Studies3 Hours
05ST530Apologetics2 Hours
05ST601Covenant Theology2 Hours
Church History6 Hours
05HT502History of Christianity I3 Hours
05HT504History of Christianity II3 Hours
Biblical Studies32 Hours
05OT508Genesis-Joshua3 Hours
05OT510Judges - Esther2 Hours
05OT512Poets2 Hours
05OT516Isaiah - Malachi3 Hours
05NT508Gospels3 Hours
05NT516Acts - Romans2 Hours
05NT520Pauline Epistles3 Hours
05NT522Hebrews - Revelation3 Hours
05NT524Intro to Hermeneutics3 Hours
05NT502Greek 13 Hours
05NT504Greek 23 Hours
05NT506Greek Exegesis2 Hours
Free Electives*10 Hours

*Options such as...Pastoral Counseling, Preaching the Gospel in a Postmodern Context, and Pastoral and Social Ethics
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