Anglican Studies Program

The worldwide Anglican Communion is the world’s largest Protestant denomination, made up of nearly 80 million people living in 165 countries under the authority of 44 independent ecclesiastical provinces. Hailing from a rich tradition that honors God and his word, proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ, and celebrates the presence of the Spirit in Christ’s Church, the Anglican movement continues to thrive as a global community around the world today.

As the gospel goes forward around the world, one thing is certain: the Anglican church will be a major player in its advance. To aid in that effort, RTS Washington is partnering with The Falls Church Anglican to provide a course of study aimed at training Anglican ministers and church leaders for the work to which they have been called. In this program, students will engage with the robust theological foundations of the Reformed thought with a special consideration of how those foundations are manifested in the Anglican church, sacraments, and life.

The Anglican Studies Program is designed to be taken alongside the Master of Arts (Biblical Studies) degree program (MABS).

Anglican Electives (required for the program)10 Hours
 Anglican Theology3
 Anglican Church History  
 Anglican Church, Ministry, Sacraments 
 Anglican Polity 

Plus, one of these:                                              3 Hours     
 Anglican Ethics        3
 Anglican Spirituality3


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