Winter 2014

HT508 Classics of Personal Devotion
    HT610 Ministry in a Postmoder Context
    NT516 Acts and Romans
    OT504 Intermediate Hebrew (Hebrew II)
    ST530 Apologetics 
   Spring 2014

    CE514 Educational Ministry of the Church
    HT504 History of Christianity II
    MS508 Evangelism
    NT506 Greek Exegesis
    NT520 Pauline Epistles
    NT522 Hebrews-Revelation
    ON605 Greek Readings and ON605 Hebrew Readings
    OT506 Hebrew Exegesis
    OT510 Judges-Esther
    OT512 Poets
    PT510 Preaching Lab I (Fiol) (Dixon) (Rolison)
    PT518 Pastoral Ministry
    PT524 Preaching Lab II (Belcher) (Currid)
    PT526 Worship
    PT737 Marriage and Family Counseling
    ST504 History of Philosophy and Christian Thought
    ST516 Systematic Theology II
    ST522 Systematic Theology III
    ST540 Christian Encounter with Islam
    ST601 Covenant Theology
    ST602 Patristic Theology
    ST628 Applied Apologetics

    Summer 2014

HT731 Theology of John Calvin
    NT502 Greek I
    PT522 Communication II
    PT524 Preaching Lab II
    PT731 Pastoral Ministry: Local Church and College Campus
    PT733 Planting and Growing a Campus Ministry
    ST540 Christian Encounter with Islam

     DM801 Theology of Ministry
     DM867 Puritan Theology and Ministry


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