Financial Aid

The financing of a seminary degree is, above all, a trusting in and a reliance upon God’s provision. Students finance their studies through their personal resources, the support of their home church, family and friends, being employed either off or on campus, and RTS financial assistance. If the Lord is calling you into His service, you can be assured that He will provide for your financial needs at seminary and beyond. RTS works diligently to keep tuition and fees affordable.

RTS is very blessed to have generous donors who substantially underwrite our tuition costs in order to reduce the amount we have to charge students. Because of their generosity, the tuition costs at RTS are reduced by two-thirds of the real cost. So, every student benefits from a 67% tuition reduction!  Thankfully, it is customary for RTS graduates not to incur additional debt for their seminary education. RTS is distinct in this important aspect of preparing students for successful ministry. Contact the Admissions Office on the campus you wish to attend for further information.

Resources available to RTS students include a variety of RTS financial aid and scholarship programs and a work/study program. RTS financial aid includes:

Church Partnership Program
The Church Partnership Program (CPP) fosters significant involvement of the student’s home church with the student and with the seminary. The CPP is a matching program which matches dollar for dollar up to 1/3 of the student's tuition cost. Most commonly this means the student pays for 1/3 of their tuition, the church contributes 1/3 toward the student's tuition, and RTS contributes 1/3 toward the student's tuition. 

Download Church Partnership Application

Work Scholarships

These scholarships require applications and are normally granted for 10 hours of work per week with a maximum of 20 hours.  These on-campus work scholarships include jobs such as secretarial, clerical, computer services, library assistant, faculty assistant, bookstore, admissions, student services, maintenance and grounds, audio-visual, and facilities care.

Basic Tuition Assistance
Full-time students having a high, unmet financial need, may apply for tuition assistance by submitting a financial aid application with their application for enrollment.

Presidential Scholarship
A limited number of awards are made each year by recommendation of the Scholarship Committee. A student’s gifts for ministry and vocational goals are taken into consideration for these scholarships, in addition to financial need.  These awards normally are given in May for the following year.

Partnership Agreements
The seminary has entered into partnership agreements with several organizations, such as Reformed University Ministries, Cru, Campus Outreach, Young Life, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Mission to the World, and Covenant College Alumni. Students involved in a particular ministry may ascertain from the Admissions Office whether the seminary has a partnership agreement with the organization providing special tuition assistance and whether the student meets the requirements of the agreement.

International Student Scholarships
International students should have financial support provided in large part by the indigenous church or missionary society, with the seminary participating to a lesser degree. This arrangement allows for maximum accountability to the sending church or organization and efficient stewardship of the sending church’s resources and those of the seminary.

Therefore, applicants who show evidence of substantial support from their sending churches/organizations will be more likely to receive financial aid from the seminary. Due to the number of international students receiving financial aid from the seminary, it is unlikely that any student will be awarded financial aid beyond tuition costs alone.

To be considered for financial aid from the seminary, an Application for Financial Aid must be sent to the Office of Admissions along with an application for admission. The Admissions Office must receive international student scholarship applications no later than November 1. The Scholarship Committee will make scholarship award decisions by February 1 for those international students beginning their program the following fall semester. Those who are admitted to a degree program will be notified by letter whether or not financial assistance will be provided.

An international student who is awarded financial aid in his/her first year of study at the seminary may anticipate a similar award each subsequent year until the student’s academic program has been completed. However, every international student will be required each year to submit through the Dean of Students an application for financial aid by May 1.

Student Spouse Scholarship
This is a 100% tuition scholarship for the spouse of a full-time student to earn an M.Div, MABS, MATS, MAR, MACC, or a Certificate. The scholarship is awarded to the spouse earning the degree with equal or fewer credit hours. For the MAC (Orlando) and MAMFT (Jackson) programs it is a 50% tuition scholarship.  For all Distance Education courses, regardless of degree program, it is a 50% tuition scholarship.

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