Strategic Tuition Awards

The financing of a seminary degree is, above all, reliance upon God’s provision. Students finance their studies through their personal resources, the support of their home church, family and friends, being employed either off or on campus, and RTS financial assistance. If the Lord is calling you into His service, you can be assured that He will provide for your financial needs.

RTS is extremely blessed to have generous donors who substantially underwrite our tuition costs in order to reduce the amount we have to charge students. Because of their generosity, the tuition costs at RTS are reduced by two-thirds (67%) of the real cost. Thankfully, it is customary for our graduates not to incur additional debt for their seminary education. RTS is distinct in this important aspect of preparing students for successful ministry.

Financial assistance available for qualifying students is:


This program cultivates significant involvement of the student’s home church with the student and with the seminary. The CPP is a matching program which matches dollar for dollar up to 1/3 of the student's tuition cost. Most commonly this means the student pays for 1/3 of their tuition, the church contributes 1/3 toward the student's tuition, and RTS contributes 1/3 toward the student's tuition. The church can pay for more than 1/3 of the student’s tuition which will reduce the amount that the student owes.

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Graduates of Covenant College, Gordon College, Grove City College, Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton College, Belhaven College, and Reformation Bible College can qualify by having a professor, chaplain, or administrator complete one of the required admissions references.

  • 50% tuition awards* for M.Div students.
  • 25% tuition awards ** for MA students.


RUF interns or a student who faithfully participated for at least two years can qualify by having their RUF campus minister complete one of the required admissions references.

  • Tuition awards for Interns:90% for MDiv* & 67% for MA**
  • Tuition awards for Student Leaders:50% for MDiv* & 25% for MA**
  • Distance Education courses are a maximum of 50% tuition award.


Current or former staff members of RYM, Campus Outreach, Cru, Young Life, Navigators, and Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship who have served at least 2 years can qualify by having their campus ministry leader or supervisor complete one of the required admissions references.

  • 50%-tuition awards* for M.Div students.
  • 25%-tuition awards** for MA students.


Current missionaries on the field, those preparing to go to the field, or internationals working with MTW, Pioneers, & Wycliffe can qualify by having their supervisor complete one of the required admissions references.

  • 50%-tuition awards* for M.Div students.
  • 25%-tuition awards** for MA students.


This is a 100% tuition award for the spouse of a full-time student to earn a MDiv, MABS, MATS, MAR, MACC, or a Certificate. This is awarded to the spouse seeking the degree with equal or fewer credit hours. For the MAC (Orlando) and MAMFTC (Jackson) programs it is a 50% tuition award. For all Distance Education courses, regardless of degree program, it is a 50% tuition award. Recipients may continue to benefit from this award up to 24 months from the graduation of their spouse.


Students, who do not qualify for another award, with a high financial need, may apply for tuition assistance by submitting a financial aid application and IRS form 1040 to the admissions department.


These are offered on some of our campuses and require applications. Normally, these jobs are for 10 hours of work per week with a maximum of 20 hours. Contact the admissions office on the campus you wish to attend for further information.

GI Benefits

The following campuses are able to receive GI and Post 9/11 benefits: Orlando, Charlotte, Global, and Washington, DC.

*Awards for the M.Div degree are for 5 years of continuous study.
**Awards for the MA degrees are for 3 years of continuous study.

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