Center for Campus Ministry- Emphasis

The CCM will include a degree emphasis within the MDiv program that offers distinctive courses and electives in the area of campus ministry. The courses will be taught in place of other courses already in the MDiv curriculum at RTS Charlotte. The courses in the CCM include:

  • HT610 Ministry in a Postmodern Context: The purpose of this course is to understand and respond appropriately to the dominant perspectives and cultural transformations that have contributed to our current context of ministry and witness. Taught by rotating visiting faculty. (Replaces MS518 Missions)
  • PT731 Pastoral Ministry: Local Church & College Campus: A study of general pastoral care, shepherding of the flock, ministerial conduct, interpersonal relationships,and possible pitfalls for pastors. This course will also examine pastoral ministry in both the context of the local church and the college campus. Taught by Dr. Rod Mays.  (Replaces PT518 Pastoral Ministry)
  • PT732 Discipleship & Campus Ministry: This course addresses the need for developing a philosophy of ministry that focuses on building followers of Christ among college students in particular. Attention is given to the concept of disciple-making in general, as well as to plans and strategies for creating a disciplebuilding environment that can be used in a campus ministry and/or in conjunction with a local church located near a college or university campus. A Reformed theological and philosophical perspective will undergird the content of the course. Taught by Dr. Rod Culbertson.  (Replaces CE514 Educational Ministries in the Church)
  • PT733 Planting and Growing a Campus Ministry:  Campus Ministry, just like ministry in the local church, must be based on Biblical principles.  Methodology grows out of a philosophy of ministry, which itself grows out of the theology of the Scriptures.  What are principles that arise from Scripture that would direct the initiation and growth of a local campus ministry?  This class will delve into questions like this one.  WHAT must a campus minister DO, and WHY  must he do it?" Taught by Dr. Les Newsom.  (Replaces MS508 Evangelism) 
  • ST628 Applied Apologetics: This course will develop the student’s understanding of the Reformed presuppositional method of apologetics through its application to specific instances of non-Christian thought; familiarize the student with prominent non-Christian worldviews (both secular and religious) and their philosophical shortcomings; introduce the student to various ‘tools’ of apologetics; sharpen the student’s critical thinking skills in the practice of apologetics; and strengthen the student’s own faith to equip them to strengthen the faith of other Christians, through an appreciation of the rational superiority of the Christian worldview. Taught by Dr. James Anderson. (Replaces an Elective course)


These courses will be taught by professors with campus ministry experience, and will further equip students to apply classroom-derived knowledge to a campus ministry setting.

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