Center for Campus Ministry- Fellowship

The future campus ministers and leaders enrolled in the CCM will regularly meet together for the purpose of developing a community of fellowship. This will also create an environment where ideas and strategies about campus ministry can be freely developed, discussed, and exchanged.

CCM Ministry Lunch:

The CCM hosts regular lectures at the RTS Charlotte campus where we bring in speakers from around the region to address some of the most important issues, both theological and practical, related to campus ministry today.

Topics discussed in these informal fellowship luncheons would include:

  1. Building a philosophy of campus ministry
  2. Support raising: avenues for fundraising in campus ministry
  3. Challenges and rewards of campus ministry
  4. The joys and pitfalls of working with college students
  5. The relationship of the church to the campus
  6. Campus minister/staff qualifications: “Am I a campus worker?’
  7. Starting a new campus work
  8. Campus ministry and married/family life

RTS Charlotte Fellowship:

Weekly events on campus for all RTS students include a chapel service, a prayer chapel, and a breakfast fellowship. Special events include coffee house, Fall Picnic, roundtable discussions with professors, etc.

RTS Family Fellowship:

RTS Charlotte emphasizes the importance of ministering to the whole family through the Women of RTS Fellowship and other community events each semester.

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