Preparing for Seminary

RTS has long been blessed with outsanding faculty who not only know the Word of God, but know how to apply it to their and our every day lives.  Below is a sample of wise counsel provided by our esteemed faculty that will answer questions common to the prospective or current student, such as:

"I'm not 100% sure about seminary; how will I know it is or is not for me?"
"How will learning about the Word of God in seminary be any different than what or how I learn at church?"
"I feel He's calling me to seminary, but I don't have the time or resources; how is this going to work?"
"I don't want my relationship with the Lord to become academic; will studying the Bible like a textbook negatively impact my relationship with Him?"
"I want to attend a seminary that believes the Bible really is the inspired, authoritative Word of God; does RTS believe that?  What else will I learn there?"
"Is the Lord really calling me, a sinner, to minister to His people and proclaim His Word to the nations?"

Studying Theology as a Servant of Jesus
John M. Frame

Learning at Jesus' Feet
John M. Frame

What is Reformed about Reformed Theological Seminary?
Dr. Richard L. Pratt

(Amazing) Grace
Dr. Stephen Brown

Choosing a Seminary and Preparing for the Experience
Dr. Rod Culbertson

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