Self Service Registration Process & Dates

Registration through Self-Service always has at least two parts: Sign Up and Tuition Payment.  If you are taking 12 or more hours in a Fall or Spring term, you will also need to demonstrate Proof of Insurance.

Sign Up
As a current student, you can sign up for classes through Self-Service several months before classes begin and you can change your schedule as often as you like without a drop/add fee until the day before classes begin.  Once classes begin for the term, a drop/add fee will be charged to your account for each change you make to your schedule.  In order to sign up for classes you will need to login in to Self-Service with your RTS ID.  If you don't know your RTS ID, email the Admissions office. To learn how to create a Self-Service account, click here.

Tuition Payment
Although you can sign up for your classes when registration opens through Self-Service, you will not be charged for those classes until the week before the term begins.  When tuition is charged to your account, any financial aid that you have will also be assessed.  In order to complete registration you need to pay for your classes, which can be done through Self Service with a credit card.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, you will have a week after classes begin to complete payment.  During the Summer and Winter terms, you will have until the second day the class meets to complete payment.  If payment is not complete by these deadlines, your registration is not complete and you will be dropped from your classes.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, if you are enrolled in 12 or more hours, you will need to handle insurance during the same two-week window that you handle Tuition Payment.  Come to the Admissions office in order to demonstrate proof of insurance (it must be an active plan).  To see some health insurance options for RTS students, click here.  If you do not handle insurance by these deadlines, your registration is not complete and you will be dropped from your classes.

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