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Grace Chapel

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Spring 2014 Chapel Schedule

2/03/2014 Dr. Ligon Duncan, RTS Chancellor- "How Faithfulness Looks at the End" 2Timothy 4:6-22 

2/12/2014 Dr.Sean Lucas"Grace From First to Last"  Matt 19:27-20:16 

2/19/2014 John Dawson- "Confidence For the Call" Exodus 3:7-4:13   

2/26/2014 David Gilbert- "Love is Not Arrogant" 1Cor 13:4

3/05/2014 Rev.Brian Habig, Spiritual Life Conference- "God for God's Sake" Pslam 63

3/6/2014 Dr.Ralph Davis, Celebrating Dr. Knox Chamblin

3/19/2014 Dr. Charlie Wingard"The Lord's Servant" 2Timothy 2

4/09/2014 Dr. Michael McKelvey"Who is this?" Mark 4

4/16/2014 Dr. Jim Hurley & Dr. Ligon Duncan- Gender Roles (Part1) & (Part2)

4/23/2014 Dr. Fred Malone- "Encouragement Under Grace" Romans 6

4/17/2014 Dr. Ligon Duncan- 2014 Commencement Address 1Timothy 1:5