Student Resources: Academic

For Campus and Financial resources, click here.

Incoming Students

 - Information for Incoming Students: Required information for all incoming students. If you need to know, this is what you need to know.

 - Orientation Schedule: Orientation on Tuesday, August 20. Attendance is required for all new students.

 - Hebrew and Greek Language Exams: Vital information for MDIV students who wish to test out of Hebrew or Greek in order to demonstrate proficiency in biblical languages. Policy, procedure, and dates are listed here. 


Current Students

 - Important: Catechism and English Bible Testing Changes
 - Jackson Academic Calendar
 - Upcoming Classes
 - Course Syllabi from previous and current classes.
 - Application for Graduation: Want to graduate in May? Print this form, fill it out, and turn it in to the Registrar's office by January 31st along with the graduation fee
 - RTS Student Handbook: Policies and procedures that our students need to know. 
 - Community Life and Reference Guide: Helpful information about resources, entertainment, and many other needs around Jackson (subject to change). 



 - Self-Service Process: Registration through Self Service has three distinctive parts: Sign Up, Tuition Payment, and Insurance. Visit this site for more information about these various stages of registration. 

 - Self-Service Registration Procedure: How do I create my Self Service account and how do I sign up for classes? Here's a handy reference if you get stuck.

 - What Can Self-Service do for you?: Are you using Self Service to its full potential? Sure, you know how to register, but have you changed your demographics, maintained your address, visited your course homepage, or viewed your degree requirements lately? 


Helpful Reading

 - Westminster Confession of Faith: First written in 1646, the Westminster Confession of Faith is a precise and succinct summary of the Reformed Tradition. This document is particularly significant in the life of RTS because of our faculty contracts. There is no tenure at RTS. Each year, as part of their one-year contract, faculty sign a statement that they agree with the Westminster Standards and that they hold the Bible as the inerrant, inspired, authoritative Word of God. 

 - Seminary Reading List: Looking to build your library? Here is a list of books that have been recommended by the RTS Faculty as a whole.

 - Booklets: Listed below, these short essays are written to help current and prospective theology students think deeply about their calling. 
     - Amazing Grace 
     - Learning at Jesus Feet 
     - Studying Theology as a Servant of Jesus