President: Kori Porter 
Greetings! It is a privilege to serve you as your Student Cabinet President for the 2013-14 school year. God has truly blessed RTS Jackson with a great Staff, caring Faculty, and a student body from all sorts of walks of life and backgrounds. My hope is that our Student Cabinet might serve you in a way that allows us as a student body to flourish in our relationships with one another, as well as seek out a unity of mind and spirit while we seek to minister to those around us in a myriad of ways.  We welcome you to RTS and look forward to serving you well during your time here. 

The student cabinet is chosen from among the student body by the student body.  As your representatives we have three primary functions, as described below:

We represent the student body to the school’s faculty and administration, as well the faculty and administration to the student body.  Our goal is to give an honest and clear account to our administration of the student body’s pulse.  As we work alongside one another, we seek to further the growth and enhancement of Reformed Theological Seminary. 

We also have the duty of representing those in the student body, should they need us in the case of disciplinary action. 

Student Life
The main way we have an effect on student life is through facilitating the social events that bring the RTS community together. These events are not only a great way to meet with fellow students and our faculty, but are also meant to strengthen and deepen these relationships in order that they last beyond our short time here. One of the greatest assets of this campus is the ability for students, spouses, faculty, and administration to grow together outside of just time spent in the classroom.  Our hope is that through the relationships you begin and build here, you would be strengthened and built up for the future ministry and life God has in store for you.  ~ Kori Porter

Student Cabinet 2013-14

President: Kori Porter
Secretary/Events: Kelly Jackson
Jason Weimar
Jessie Osborn  
Jeffery Lowery  
Music/Chapel: Joseph Hibeb 
Hospitality: Sonja Stewart  
Jemar Tisby
Spiritual Life: Kevin Phipps
 Pablo Mazariegos
Brenda Szelmeczki
Faculty Advisor:
Brian Gault

Student Cabinet events for Fall 2013:

For the current list of upcoming Student Cabinet events, check the Informer .