Doctor of Ministry Student Endorsements

 “I’ve been truly blessed by the D.Min. program and am enthusiastically recommending it to other pastors that I know. It’s sharpened me and exposed me to a broader range of ideas regarding ministry and theology, nudging me out of my rut every six months for an intensive class and provoking me to read authors and subjects I wouldn’t have picked up on my own. I can honestly say I’m a better pastor because of the program.

The dissertation has been the most remarkable part of the whole process. I remember sitting in the library a little over two years ago, staring at my blank laptop screen, and how the blinking cursor seemed to be mocking me because I hadn’t even written the first word of my outline, much less the first word of my dissertation. How would I finish? I remember latching on to the promise that if I could find a topic I was passionate about, then I would have the fuel to finish. Over the years, you've helped me grow in my passion for the church and her multiplication, and this enabled me to move forward on the writing with hope in my heart."

Essen G. Daley, D.Min. (2012)
Pastor of Tabernacle Presbyterian Church, Waynesboro, VA 

“The D.Min. program at RTS Orlando offers warm-hearted professional pastoral development. It is post-graduate level study designed for practitioners. As the lead pastor in a church in London at the time, I studied for the D.Min. as a means to undergird my ministry with thorough academic rigour, integrative thinking and reformed evangelical convictions. If you are a keen to remain a "life- long learner", wishing to strengthen your ministry with deep learning and pastoral wisdom, then I strongly commend the D.Min. to you.”

The Rev. Dr. Simon Vibert, D.Min. (2002)

Vice Principal and Director of the School of Preaching
Wycliffe Hall Oxford

 “I first attended RTS Orlando in 2003. I graduated with a Master of Divinity and returned to Uganda. I am so grateful to RTS Orlando for extending me another great opportunity to come and learn. The leadership skill and dynamics I will gain here will help me not only become a better leader myself, but also to train and develop leaders who have integrity on the African continent.”

Kezlon Semanda, D.Min. (Current Student)
Dean, St. John’s Anglican Cathedral, Kasaka, Uganda
Head of Training and Mission, Diocese of Central Buganda
M.Div., RTS Orlando, 2007  

 “When I enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry program at RTS Orlando I had no idea where it would lead me. However, after more than 15 long years in pastoral ministry, I felt like I needed a fresh season of directed reading, interactive discussion, critical thinking and reflective writing on current ministry trends. This is what I got at RTS Orlando, and more. I took the courses and wrote the dissertation for my own enrichment and to benefit the ministry I had at the time. Little did I realize that, while I was reading, thinking, writing and interacting with others, God was preparing me for the next phase of my ministry. Earning a D.Min. degree opened up an unanticipated opportunity for me to serve fulltime in the area of my ministry passion: church planting. I am grateful for the expertise of the professors, the personal guidance of my advisor, and for the outcomes from my experiences in the program.”

Bruce R. Finn, D.Min. (2000)
Church Planting Coordinator
Metro Philadelphia Church Planting Partnership 
Richboro, PA 18954

  “While my seminary education played an important role in preparing me for gospel ministry, it did not provide me with all I needed to become the pastor I longed to be. One of the things I loved most about the D.Min. program at RTS Orlando was that it gave me the opportunity to return to school several years after I started to serve a local church. By that time, experience had taught me what my real weaknesses were and I was able to personalize my course of study to address these. The week long classes also provided me with regular periods of spiritual retreat that proved invaluable to me, my family, and the congregation. I always returned home rejuvenated. Consequently, I would recommend the D.Min. program to any pastor who would like to fine tune his ministry skills and at the same time experience spiritual renewal in the process.”

Rev. Keeth Staton, D.Min. (2005)
Pastor of Springs Presbyterian Church, Dunnellon, FL

 “I recently graduated from the Doctor of Ministry program at RTS Orlando. I honestly can say that this is a tool that the Lord has used to shape both my life and my ministry in significant ways. I enrolled in the program after many years in ministry and found it to be a time of renewal for my soul and ministry. Through their theological expertise and pastoral heart, the faculty helped to reignite my passion for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and to bring a clearer focus to my vision for ministry for the rest of my life. I definitely encourage pastors seeking advanced training and life and ministry renewal to make the D.Min. program at RTS Orlando their first choice.”

Rev. David Correa, D.Min. (2011)
Pastor of Jesus Presbyterian Church in Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico
Director of the Youth Ministry Institute at San Pablo Theological Seminary in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico