2012 Kistemaker Academic Lecture Series

THE ORIGINS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT CANON: Issues, Problems, and Possibilities

March 20-21 | RTS Orlando Pamplin Chapel | 11:00a - 12:00n and 1:00 - 2:00p both days


Dr. Michael J. Kruger

Dr. Kruger is professor of New Testament and academic dean at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Kruger received a B.S. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his M.Div. from Westminster Theological Seminary in California, and a Ph.D. from New College, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He is the author of The Gospel of the Savior (E.J. Brill, 2005), co-author of Gospel Fragments (Oxford University Press, 2009) and The Heresy of Orthodoxy (Crossway, 2010). In addition, he is the author of the forthcoming Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books (Crossway, 2012). Dr. Michael Kruger will be presenting the following topic during the 2012 Kistemaker Academic Lecture Series at RTS Orlando.


The Definition of ‘Canon’: Exclusive or Multi-Dimensional?

The Origins of Canon: Was the Idea of a New Testament a Late Ecclesiastical Development?

The Artifacts of Canon: Manuscripts as a Window into the Development of the New Testament

The Messiness of the Canon: Do Disagreements Amongst Early Christians Pose a Threat to Our Belief in the New Testament?

Invitation From Our Academic Dean

Mark D. Futato, Ph.D.
Academic Dean,
RTS Orlando
Should you add the Gospel of Thomas to your New Testament? If you say no, could you defend your answer to an inquisitive friend? If archaeologists were to find the Apostle Paul's Letter to the Laodiceans, mentioned in Colossians 4:16, should the church add this apostolic letter to the New
Testament? Why not?

Given the recent discoveries of apocryphal books like the Gospel of Judas, as well as the critical writings of scholars like Bart Ehrman, evangelical Christians need to have clear and biblical thinking about the canon, that is, the list of books officially recognized as belonging in the New Testament. The 2012 Kistemaker Academic Lecture Series will address these contemporary issues and show you why you can have confidence that your New Testament contains the right twenty-seven books—no more and no less.

Dr. Michael Kruger will capture your attention as he engages questions about the canon of the New Testament. He is a highly qualified scholar on this subject, having earned his Ph.D. from New College, The University of Edinburgh, in Scotland. You can be one of the first to benefit from the content of his forthcoming book Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books (Crossway, 2012).

Join us at RTS Orlando, as we explore the definition, the origins, the artifacts, and the messiness of the New Testament canon in the 2012 Kistemaker Academic Lecture Series. These lectures are free and open to the general public. We look forward to having you join us. 

THE KISTEMAKER ACADEMIC LECTURE SERIES (KALS) are named in honor of New Testament Professor Emeritus Simon J. Kistemaker, Ph.D. These annual lectures offer scholarly insight into diverse topics in Biblical and theological studies as well as practical theology.

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