Spring 2016 Lectures

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 - "Advances in Neurobiology: A New Horizon for Christian Counselors"
with Dr. Scott K. Coupland

The past decade has seen an explosion of research in the field of interpersonal neurobiology. By God's design our brains are inescapably social organs, and the implications of this can enrich Christian counselors' understanding of the relational nature of sin, sanctification, and the healing process. To learn more about Dr. Coupland click here

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - "Toward a Theory of the Early Development of the New Testament"
with Dr. Charles E. Hill

Since the 1950s the field of NT textual criticism has been struggling to find an overarching theory to undergird its practice. At that time the influx of second- and third-century papyrus fragments of NT books had overthrown Westcott and Hort’s theory of an unbroken line of carefully copying, from the beginning up to the fourth-century codices Vaticanus and Sinaiticus. What the early period of copying seemed to show instead was a pattern of loose or free copying, denoting a more casual attitude towards the preservation of the text. For the past 60 or more years, then, the prevailing tendency, the default theory, in NT text criticism has been to assume a period of free or even chaotic copying up until the fourth century, when both church and canon were established by the state. This approach leaves us with a significant gap between the “originals” and our earliest copies, a gap which is often seen as unbridgeable due to the lax copying standards of the earliest scribes. The present paper argues that the continued discovery and analysis of NT papyri, as well as recent developments in related fields, have changed our picture of the early NT scribal tradition significantly.  It is time to offer a better-informed model for our understanding of the early development of the NT text.

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Fall 2015 Lectures

 Tuesday, November 24, 2015 - "Current Issues in Christian Counseling"
with Dr. James L. Coffield

The landscape of Christian counseling is changing. With a new emphasis on neuropsychology and changing cultural standards, the field of Christian soul care is trying to more clearly define itself. To learn more about Dr. Coffield, please click here.

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 Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - "B. B. Warfield and the Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity"
with Dr. Scott R. Swain

B. B. Warfield’s entry on the Trinity in The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, published in 1915, has exercised considerable influence on later Reformed and evangelical Trinitarian theology. The lecture examines the revisionist nature of Warfield's teaching on the triune God, noting historical precedents within the Reformed tradition for his views, and discusses patterns of biblical and theological reasoning that weigh against Warfield's proposal.

Dr. Scott Swain is the Professor of Systematic Theology and Academic Dean at Reformed Theological Seminary - Orlando. To learn more about Dr. Swain, please click here.

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Monday, September 21, 2015 - "What is so Radical About Grace? A New View of Paul"
with Dr. John M. G. Barclay

At least since Augustine it has been recognised that grace is a central theme in the Pauline letters, but there have been strong disagreements about what ‘grace’ means and why it matters. The last generation of Pauline scholars has marginalised this motif on the grounds that it is common in Paul’s contemporary Judaism and hardly distinctive of Paul. In disagreement with aspects of the ‘new perspective on Paul’, I wish to highlight how unusual is Paul’s emphasis on the incongruity of grace, God’s gift being given without regard to the worth of the recipient. It therefore puts into question inherited criteria of worth, social, ethnic and moral. I will outline a new reading of this theme in Galatians and Romans that indicates the socially radical significance of grace and its capacity to found culturally innovative communities.”
Dr. Barclay

Dr. John M. G. Barclay is the Lightfoot Professor of Divinity at Durham University, UK. He teaches New Testament and Early Christianity. He has published on Paul, early Pauline churches, ancient Judaism, and spoke on his most recent book on Paul’s theology: Paul and the Gift (Eerdmans, 2015). For more information click here.

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