Master of Arts Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the MATS and MABS programs? Which track should I choose?The MATS and MABS programs are distinguished by their areas of emphasis. The MATS program places more focus on systematic and historical theology, while the MABS program gives students more practice in exegesis and biblical studies. The track you choose depends on your own interests and ministry focus.

What is the difference between the Master of Arts degree and the Master of Divinity degree from RTS? Which degree is right for me?
The 106-credit Master of Divinity degree is a vocational degree that is required by many churches for ordained ministry, and includes required courses in practical theology. The 66-credit Master of Arts degrees, on the other hand, are designed to give students the core biblical and theological knowledge to enhance and enrich their present occupations, or to prepare them for ministry in non-ordained settings or for further academic study.

What if I sense a greater calling to ministry while I’m in seminary and want to switch from an MA degree to the MDiv?
One of the great things about the MA programs at RTS Orlando is the flexibility they provide to explore your calling. Courses taken as part of the MA program can be applied toward an MDiv degree, so students can (and regularly do) move between the programs without difficulty.

Can I take some courses online?
Through our online courses, students have the option to complete a portion of their degree online. Our Virtual Campus offers 15 core MA courses that can be taken when it’s convenient for your schedule.

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