Master of Arts in Biblical Studies or Theological Studies

Everyone is called to serve Christ, and yet not everyone is called to be a pastor or counselor, or to learn Greek and Hebrew. At RTS Orlando we acknowledge that life involves all sorts of callings, from being a lawyer or teacher, son or daughter, husband or wife. Yet, all of these callings have something in common: through each we are to follow Christ and serve his church as we seek to fulfill our chief calling to “glorify God and to enjoy him forever.”

The 2-year, 66-semester hour Master of Arts programs at RTS are designed to enrich you as a child of God, enhance your ability to think biblically in all your callings, and prepare you for more effective service. The spiritual formation that takes place here involves a robust combination of classroom training and rich community life. We aim for both scholarly excellence and practical application as we seek to apply the gospel and God’s truth to all areas of life and creation. In our programs, Christ is central. The Bible is foundational. The Gospel is prominent. Both are anchored in the Reformed tradition. We are gladly Reformed and we eagerly affirm the community of all believers, listening to the best that other traditions have to offer.

We earnestly desire to build a biblical and theological foundation that will enable you to serve Christ wherever he calls you to follow. In short, we want your training to be rooted and relevant as we make Christ’s invisible kingdom visible in this generation.