Distance Master of Divinity

Those who are unable to leave a particular ministry or job and move to a campus now have more options. RTS has a Distance M.Div. schedule to give you several paths to the completion of this degree.

The Distance M.Div requires 36 hours of residential work. The remaining 70 credits will be done through RTS Distance Education. The residential work will be done in 6 one-week hybrid classes. Each of these weeks will offer 2 or 3 classes that can be completed concurrently. This way, a student can complete 6-10 credits of residential work in one week. The hybrid classes will be offered on a two-year rotation so you can jump in at any point.

What makes a hybrid class unique is that there will be a virtual element to the class as well as an in-class element. Students will complete 49% of their lecture material through a virtual format that is provided for them and will do the remaining 51% of the class on campus. Because of this change, a student can take multiple classes in one week and complete their residency requirement on fewer trips. 

The Hybrid classes will be offered for one week in the summer and one week in January. To see a list of various ways you may complete the track, check out this spreadsheet. If you have questions, contact the distance coordinator, Tim Trouten (ttrouten@rts.edu), to see how we can put a schedule together for you.

Below is an example of what a typical week could look like:

MorningHistory II, 8a - 12nHistory II, 8a - 12nHistory II, 8a - 12nHistory II, 8a - 12nHistory II, 8a - 12n
AfternoonPoets, 1p - 4pPoets, 1p - 4pPoets, 1p - 4pPoets, 1p - 4pPoets, 1p - 4p
EveningPreaching Lab I, 6p - 9pPreaching Lab I, 6p - 9pPreaching Lab I, 6p - 9pPreaching Lab I, 6p - 9pPreaching Lab I, 6p - 9p

Click here to download the Distance M.Div. full-track system.