The faculty and staff of Reformed Theological Seminary are integral to the quality and success of the educational experience and programs we offer. We are indeed blessed by God to have such a diverse and devoted team dedicated to providing students with the best.

Dr. Lee Dr. Peter Lee Associate Professor of Old Testament, Dean of Students » Old Testament | Faculty | Washington D.C. » Admissions/Student Svcs. | Staff | Washington D.C. 703-448-3393

Mr. Bobby Leung Front Desk/Admin » Customer Service | Staff | Washington D.C.  

Mr. Zackary Martin Campus Recruiter » Customer Service | Staff | Washington D.C.  

Mrs. Mrs. Jennifer McGahey Office Administrator & Registrar » Administration | Staff | Washington D.C. 703-259-8567

Mr. Mr. Timo Sazo Admissions Coordinator » Admissions | Staff | Washington D.C. 703-448-3393