New Winter Course: Anglican Spirituality

Anglican Spirituality is a new course that will be offered at RTS Washington this Winter from January 8th to January 13th. This class will be held at the Falls Church Anglican.

Because of both politics and Providence the sixteenth-century reformation of the Church of England created a national Church that remained catholic in its liturgy and apostolic ministries but also reformed in its reliance upon the primacy of the Holy Scriptures for faith and morals. Rather than becoming a confessional church, as was true of the Lutherans and Calvinists, it became a church whose approach was
lex orandi est lex credendi [the rule of prayer is the rule of belief, or praying shapes believing]. Beginning with the creation of the vernacular Book of Common Prayer in its earliest revisions [1549, 1552, 1559] we will explore the characteristics of Anglican spirituality already evident in these texts. The Caroline Divines will be read, especially Andrewes, Donne, Herbert, Ken, Law, and Taylor. The Puritan Divines will also be read, especially Baxter and Hall [with a nod to the Separatists like Bunyan and Fox]. After a brief look at the Enlightenment and its negative effects on faith, we will compare Whitfield and the Wesleys as they they advocated for the necessity of faith as a personal relationship with God. We will next compare and contrast the contributions of the Evangelical and Tractarian schools of piety. The last hours of our time together will be focused on modern Anglican authors: Evelyn Underhill, J C Ryle, Michael Ramsey, Martin Thornton, C S Lewis, John Stott, J I Packer and Kenneth Leech.

To view the course syllabi, click here.

To register for or audit the course, please contact Jennifer McGahey.

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