Proposal for Distance Education Course Development

Please fill out the below form with as much information as possible.

For 100% online courses only, please provide possible Professor of Record (if other than Lecturing Faculty member)
see footnote for description
Create a new online course - This is the capture, design, development, release, and support of a fully (100%) online course. These courses are developed and supported by the RTS Distance Education Department and are to be made available to all RTS students, anytime or anywhere, and do not require on-campus attendance.
Create online component(s) for an on-campus Hybrid course (>51% on campus instruction) - This is the capture and development of course materials, not limited to; audio, video, exams, quizzes, and/or other learning objects in support of the Residential Campus Professor's current course being taught (ie. specific to a yearly academic term). Hybrid courses are available only to students of the requesting residential campus and require at least 51% of in classroom/on-campus attendance by registered students.
Revise/Update a current online/hybrid course - This is to capture/re-develop any audio, video, exams, quizzes, learning objects, and/or other related coure material for existing courses that are hosted by the RTS Distance Education Department. Whether 100% online or Hybrid (49% online) courses.
Other - Please provide additional information below.

Upon receipt of this request, the RTS Distance Education (D.E.) Department will thorougly evaluate and review the submitted request to determine if/when the course can be added to the D.E. Department's course development schedule/calander. Please allow us (D.E. Department) 5-7 business days to process your request. Also, note that all requests to develope/capture 100% online courses must first be approved by the RTS Cheif Academic Officer (C.A.O.) before development and/or capture can begin.
1 Asynchronous is considered a course with all interactions between RTS Faculty members and student(s) be facilitated 100% online ("on-demand") with the course content being accessed by Faculty and student(s) from most any location at most anytime. These courses will be created and mantained by the staff of the RTS Distance Education Department, in conjunction with the RTS Faculty member, and will be subject to the "rolling" registration model currently used for RTS Distance Education courses.
2 Synchronous is considered "live" and/or "Hybrid" courses that utilize the streaming technology supplied in the RTS "Smart Classroom" infrustructure and/or the built in 2-way web-conferencing capability of the RTS L.M.S. to facilitate interaction between the RTS Faculty member(s) and student(s) at a fixed time and place. These courses may only have a maximum of 49% of the total interaction time between student and faculty being online with the remaining 51% of time devoted to face-to-face/in classroom interaction as required by the A.T.S. acrediting body. These courses and/or course material(s) are produced by an RTS Faculty member under the authority of the originating Campus Academic Dean and, as such, follow the Academic Calendar for said originating RTS Campus. Courses and associated material(s) are supported and maintained by the RTS Faculty member and/or originating RTS Campus, with limited technical support from the RTS Distance Education Department.

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