Church Partnership Program FAQ

We're pleased to enable each of our students to partner with their local church or ministry in an effort to reduce their total tuition cost through a matching scholarship called the Church Partnership Program (CPP).  The CPP allows students who attend churches or are involved with ministries able and willing to support their staff or members with tuition assistance by matching their contribution, dollar for dollar, up to 1/3 of the student's total tuition.  Most commonly this means the church or ministry contributes 1/3 toward the student's tuition, RTS contributes 1/3 toward the student's tuition, and the student contributes 1/3 toward his or her tuition. 

As this is such a popular scholarship option (up to a 2/3 scholarship) and it involves different parties, students and their churches or ministries often have specific questions about how the partnership works.  We've addressed many of the most common questions below, but if you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Office or download the CPP brochure here.  You are also welcome to download the Financial Aid application for more information here.

The Church Partnership Program: Please include a letter from the supporting church, signed by an authorized representative of the church, specifying the amount of support as well as the date(s) the church will send the funds to RTS. The church should also indicate that they have been supplied with a copy of the Financial Aid FAQ’s listed on the next page.  The church should send the funds at least three weeks before each semester so the funds will be on your account at registration.

Will you send my church or ministry an invoice? RTS sends out statements on the 7th of the month to students with a balance. These are always mailed only to the student since it is the student’s responsibility to insure that their balance is paid. Students may also access their account information 24/7 on IQ Web. It is entirely the responsibility of the student to arrange for their church to send in their support.

How much of the funds from my church will be matched by RTS in the Church Partnership Program? RTS will match dollar for dollar the funds from a church in this program up to one-third of a student’s tuition. For instance, if a student incurred $3000 in tuition and his or her church sent in $1000, then RTS will match with a $1000 scholarship. If a church were to send in $1500 then RTS would still match with $1000, in which case the student would then only be responsible for $500.

How is the Church Partnership scholarship applied? The Church Partnership scholarship is applied automatically at a rate of one-third every time tuition is charged.

How are Church checks and tuition matched? This is done on the basis of the RTS fiscal year that runs from June until May. At the end of each May a Church Partnership audit is conducted. If a student has not had sufficient church checks arrive to match the amount of Church Partnership scholarship given, then the difference in scholarship is reversed.

When should my church send a check into RTS? So the student does not incur any finance charges the church should plan to send in a check by the beginning of each term a student will be enrolled. A church is also free to send in one annual check before the beginning of the first term a student will be enrolled for that fiscal year.

How will RTS know that a check is for me? The church should always indicate either in the memo line or stub exactly which student the funds are designated for. Including the student’s RTS ID number further assists RTS in making sure the funds help the person they are intended for.

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